Sep 19, 2016

New Day New Hope


No proper walking, just dog walking done for the past couple of days because I came downstairs to a flooded Dining room 2 days ago. The patio door has been locked for years because Mum couldn't find the keys and no one used the dining room anyway so it was never fixed.
Last week however we got a new lock installed and have been using the door during the hot weather. With all the opening and closing, the old seals must have got damaged and in came the rain. We are now waiting for the man to come fix the door and seal everything back up and hope that the rain isn't as bad as it was last night.
Then it will be a new carpet, so for the time being the dining room is upside down.

Why do inedible berries always look so yummy

Yesterday I booked another weekend in the Dales for October on which I will be taking some replacement kit and a lighter load. I have decided that it's going to be a good while before I do any long distance backpacking so for now it will be car camping, as they call it and walking from base camp daily. That's alright though because it will allow me more time to discover what works and what doesn't and how to get to the lightest weight combination.
I can watch videos and read blogs about pack weights until the cows come home but they are little more than guides because I have the added weight of kit for 2 dogs in tow.
I have backpacks for them but I don't want to risk injuries to them due to pack weight. Yes I can load them up a little bit but for the weight saving in my own pack, I may as well carry their stuff.
Lightening the load when you are on a budget is really difficult, so I am doing as many online surveys as I can in order to try and get enough Amazon vouchers to buy the posh expensive stuff.

I managed to get out today for a longer walk and started by trekking down by the dyke, where I suppose my foraging days started with walks with Mum & Dad. The big old Willow tree is still there but the swing rope hanging from the old branch over the stream has long since gone.
Further up the dyke, there were metal plates across the banks and they didn't look all that serviceable anymore, but they held my weight despite bending and twisting a bit, so all good.
Only a few days ago I had to do an average 6 miles per day to meet the 500 mile target, so even though I had a couple of days off I was pleased to see that my average daily is now only 4.6, so there is still hope.

Miles walked today:7.6

Total Miles walked:24.5

Days left:103

Miles left to do:475.5

Average daily to do: 4.6 miles

Sep 15, 2016

481.6 to go

Why is it that whenever I play with the dog he always nips me where its tender. Inner arm, inner thigh, boobs, I think hes a kung fu master who knows all the points on the body that debilitate.

After seeing Ilona's 1000 mile in a year challenge I came across it in Country Walking magazine too so I joined, under the illusion that I can complete 500 miles before the end of the year.
I don't suppose it really matters as long as I have fun trying, so I'm away down to the shop to buy a pedometer to keep track of my mileage because when  I'm out with the dogs, I walk places that google maps don't go so I cant come home and check the distance.

Miles walked today:1.5

Total Miles walked:16.9

Days left: 107

Miles left to do: 481.6

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