Feb 14, 2012


Having moved the computer upstairs and turning the corner of my craft room into an office, I now sit here each morning with my coffee, feet up on the radiator, facing the window, watching the clouds roll by, the birds going about their business and staring at the roof tops as I decide what to do today.
Just checked the receipts that I picked up at Asda yesterday but none of them have come up trumps. Had a browse through the vision2learn website to see which on line courses they are currently offering for free and printed off the swimming schedule at the local swimming pool, so now I am going to nip down there and buy a discount card for regular swimmers and start my spring/summer preparations :)
I was going to gather top soil and leave mould this afternoon to continue filling the hole in the garden but my wheelbarrow tyre deflated and it wont pump up again. In an attempt to make it look like I had actually done something and make me feel as though I hadn't wasted an afternoon, I uprooted all the spinach in the garden that has been killed off by the snow and cold weather and threw that in the hole.

Well, I was informed today that I haven't been granted the allotment that I applied for, so there's only one thing for it. I need to move house and find a bigger garden. Haha, yep, just like that.
I think finding the right one might take a little longer than the decision to move though.

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